can you buy a manufactured home with a fha loan

Yes, it is possible to buy a manufactured home with an FHA loan. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers loan programs specifically designed to assist homebuyers in financing the purchase of manufactured homes. These loans provide a more affordable option for individuals who may not qualify for conventional financing.

What is a Manufactured Home?

A manufactured home, sometimes referred to as a mobile home, is a prefabricated dwelling that is built in a factory and then transported to a specific location. These homes are constructed on a permanent chassis and are typically designed to be placed on foundations or a rented lot.

Manufactured homes are subject to specific construction and safety standards set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These standards ensure that manufactured homes meet certain quality and durability requirements.

FHA Loan Requirements for Manufactured Homes

While FHA loans are available for manufactured homes, there are specific requirements that need to be met to qualify for this type of financing. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Foundation: The manufactured home must be permanently affixed to a foundation that meets FHA guidelines. This foundation should provide adequate support and withstand the particular climate conditions of the area.
  • Age Restriction: The manufactured home must have been built after June 15, 1976, to be eligible for FHA financing. Homes built before this date may not meet the necessary safety standards.
  • HUD Certification: The manufactured home must have a label certifying compliance with HUD’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. This label ensures that the home has been built following specific guidelines for quality assurance.
  • Occupancy: The borrower must intend to occupy the manufactured home as their primary residence. FHA loans are not available for investment properties or vacation homes.
  • Appraisal: The property must undergo an appraisal by an FHA-approved appraiser to determine its value and condition. The appraisal is an important step in the loan approval process.

It is important to note that individual lenders may have additional requirements and guidelines for FHA loans on manufactured homes. Consulting with a knowledgeable lender who specializes in this type of financing can provide more detailed information.

Advantages of FHA Financing for Manufactured Homes

FHA loans offer several advantages for those looking to purchase a manufactured home:

  1. Lower Down Payment: FHA loans typically require a lower down payment compared to conventional loans. This can make homeownership more accessible for individuals who may not have significant savings.
  2. Flexible Credit Requirements: FHA loans are more lenient when it comes to credit requirements. Borrowers with less-than-perfect credit may still qualify for an FHA loan.
  3. Competitive Interest Rates: FHA loans often have competitive interest rates, making them a cost-effective financing option.
  4. Streamlined Refinancing: FHA loans offer a streamlined refinancing option, allowing borrowers to potentially lower their interest rates or monthly mortgage payments in the future.


If you are considering buying a manufactured home, an FHA loan can be a viable financing option. With its flexible requirements and advantages, FHA financing offers a pathway to homeownership for those interested in purchasing a manufactured home. Remember to consult with a qualified lender who can guide you through the loan process and help determine if an FHA loan is right for you.